Updates part II

Hello, we have made some changes on the web, I hope you like this update. If there is any error within the navigation of the website, please let us know. We're not sure if we'll add the feature by music genre, but it's been considered. Happy downloads.


The site is fully updated , we completely removed link advertising and fixed issues with some links that didn't work. We truly repent th... Read more »

New post template for Asiafilms4U

We're working currently in the new design for the dorama's post template, you can try the demo here: CLICK ME Testing so far, is not... Read more »

Artist Index Demo

I created a demo of a Artist index list, you can try the demo here: Read more »

Landing page

We have finished configuring this landing page that will be used to take you to the download link, you can try a demo by clicking here: ... Read more »

New release information template

We have been working on the new design of the posts, make it easier to read, saving time with the information structured in tables. He... Read more »